BlackBerry Z3 - Customize your Bedside Mode notifications

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Customize your Bedside Mode notifications

By default, all of your notifications are set to silent in Bedside Mode. You can change settings like the volume level and
ringtone to personalize the Bedside Mode profile, or you can choose to hear a notification for only phone calls when your
device is in Bedside Mode.


In the Clock app, swipe down from the top of the screen.





Change the Volume, Sound, Vibrate, Notify During Calls, Instant Previews, or LED settings.

User Guide

Applications and features


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If necessary, to set customized app notifications that override the settings for the notification profile, tap Customize

App Notifications.

Tip: To turn on only your phone ringer in Bedside Mode, complete steps 1-4. Tap Phone. Turn on the Sound switch.