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About notifications

Notification profiles

You can use the notification profiles on your BlackBerry device to control how you're alerted to new messages and phone
calls. By default, your device includes seven notification profiles, including Normal, Phone Calls Only, Vibrate Only, Silent,
Do Not Disturb, Meeting, and Bedside. Each profile has a default setting, but you can customize the settings and change
things like the volume level and ringtone. You can also add your own notification profiles and customize the settings.

Customized app notifications

You can set customized notification settings for apps within a specific profile. App-level customizations are set on a per-
profile basis, meaning you can set different notification settings for the same app. App customizations override the settings
for notification profiles.

Contact-specific notifications

You can set contact-specific notifications that can override the notification settings for profiles and apps, depending on
how the notification settings are set up. The contact customizations can be set to override the settings for the notification
profiles and any customized app notification settings that you set, or the contact-specific notifications can follow the

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Level 1 alerts

You can also set Level 1 alerts for specific messages and receive custom notifications for these messages that override all
existing notification settings.