BlackBerry Z3 - Troubleshooting: Remember app

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Troubleshooting: Remember app

I can't add due dates, tags, voice notes, or attachments to an entry

If your entry is in a folder that's synced with an email account or an Evernote account that you added to your BlackBerry
device, you might not be able to add due dates, tags, or attachments to the entry. Try moving the entry into a new folder.

I can't send something to the Remember app

Some items can't be sent directly to BlackBerry Remember. You should be able to send photos, videos, audio files,
websites, contacts, and Documents To Go files to the Remember app.
You might not be able to share certain items into folders that are synced with a work account.

I can't open a folder in the Remember app

If your BlackBerry device is set up to use BlackBerry Balance, you might need to unlock your work space to access all of
your folders and entries.

1. In the Remember app, at the top of the screen, tap Tap to Unlock Work Space.
2. Enter your work space password.

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